Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wow....Life at Neck Breaking Speed

So it appears I have completely disappeared! The last few MONTHS since my last post have been practically overwhelming and wonderful but that is my life and I suppose I wouldn't have it any other way.  No sense in going through a bunch of words and the fact I have been awake for just over 24 hours is not helping.
Here I go with some bullets (not necessarily in order, but I will try!):
-school year starts winding down
**Celebrated our son's first birthday with some close friends, some close family, dinner and cupcakes!**

Happy Birthday Little One!

-I decide to try to return back to my old school as the changes on my team over the past 1.5 years has been a little less charming. 
-Was offered a position at my current school but with first grade.  (and to make a very long and emotionally difficult 48 hours in one short sentence...) I took the job!
-Which made the end of the year psychotically CRAZY!! Holy moly! I had already planned on the end of the year being more busy than normal but this added a huge amount of crazy.
-Packing, boxes, packing, boxes, trying to sort 6+ years of accumulated "teacher stuff" into things I thought I needed or wouldn't need next year..yikes.  Thank goodness for my family and my good friend for their help. phew.
-All the "regular" end of the year stuff for school.
-Helped my bestie mentioned in previous posts move out of her apartment to go down south. Sad day.
-Finished up in the classroom the rest of the week. (done Friday morning)
-Family reunion (left Friday afternoon, come back Sunday)
-Home and packed for our grand Korea and Japan adventure and leave on Tuesday.
***********Spent just over 2.5 weeks in Korea and Japan with my Hubby**********************
~Among many fantastic things, I met my foster mom in Korea and hung out with my friend in Japan.
One of the best moments of my life!!!!!!! Amazing!
-Now trying to adjust back to the time, but so far not doing so well.  So I will give sleep another shot tonight! 

Hope you are well!