Friday, July 26, 2013

Need your positive energy..

I am in need of a giant pick me up.  Feeling really down about our wait for government papers to go through the government.  Sick of seeing everyone having babies/getting pregnant/being looped....and the list goes on.  I feel (once again) like a miserable lady and in some ways I am...a bitter, ugly one.  This wait is killing me...I never knew it would be this hard.  So different in so many ways from my IF journey. I hate, hate feeling this way.  I hate crying over FB announcements and feeling jealous of pregnant neighbor....who has looped me for the second time.

We have about one more day for good news to come through....if we don't hear things tomorrow we will have to wait til Aug 12th.  That effing sucks.  So I am mustering up as much hope as possible for the next few hours.  Friday's business day is already over in Korea, so decisions have been made.  Please be ours.  Or at least please be others who are in the same fix as us, so I can at least hold on to the movement.   Please check out my post on the adoption blog...needing some support right now.  Thanks for reading. Hope you are well....I spent some time on this account the other day.  It is so hard to respond on my phone which is where I do most of my reading. oxo