Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Crazies

Life has been busy as always.  And even though I love being busy, I still need at least a few more hours every day to get my shit done.

Three weeks since my last post....I guess it's a little harder when there isn't as much stuff going on with the adoption as there was with IVF.  But the great news is we got our second update on our little guy last week so my plan is to make my post on the adoption blog tomorrow night. He is getting so big and he has received our first gift. And his hair grew...a lot! Hopefully he receives our second gift soon, as multiple families just traveled to Korea from our placing agency to pick up their little ones.Here's a picture. I will post more on my adoption blog. love, love!

Our guy. getting so big!!!!

I had a glorious week off from school for spring break....spent most of it in Las Vegas with my girls.  So nice to get away from pretty much everything.  I am at a point of trying to figure EVERYTHING out and it's a little frustrating at times.  So good to relax, meet some new folks, get some sun and dance, dance, dance!

Right before I left I finally decided to apply for graduate school.  I was such a spaz trying to fill out the damn application I don't think I even want to know what I would be like in class.  But this is something I have wanted to do for a long time now. And damn it, had I actually started it when I "wanted" to and had the first peeping thoughts I would have been done already...years ago. BUT, of course I didn't because "what if I get pregnant? I don't want to try to go back to school and juggle being a new mommy." HAH, what a fucking joke.  So over the week in Vegas, I talked myself out of it, with some advice from my friends, but mostly with the voice of our social worker in my head. "Don't start anything big." Well, if that's not big I don't know what is. But what about my teacher friend at school who says..."do it now, before your baby comes." Except that he won't be a baby, he'll be a toddler.  I feel so upset. Damn IF, you messed all that up. Or maybe I did because I was waiting for the miracle to happen that always eluded us and I should have just gone for it.  But for now, I will wait. I just turned in a bunch of units, so that helps a bit and I will just try to get more in the coming year.

Feeling like I am in a slump with Hubby. Enough said.  I can't wait for our trip to Korea and Japan this summer. Hopefully it gives us the time together and the recharge we need.  But...we need to book our tickets and that hasn't happened yet.  We are not world travelers so booking a multi-destination trip is trickier than I think we both expected.  So our attempts have been fun so far.  Next step is calling the airlines...help!

School is good. Conferences are over and they went great overall. So proud of my kiddos.  Tomorrow we will start our classroom garden.  Today my kids picked which types of seeds they will plant.  This is my favorite time of year, they love it and so do I!

I try to follow along with your blogs, but realized tonight I have some big holes, especially after being gone for a few days.  Thinking of you.


  1. Your little guy is adorable :)) Great that you're applying for graduate school... a big step but sounds like it could be very rewarding :) xoxo