Saturday, January 28, 2012

Referral story...

So I have had the craziest week ever.  It has been crazy busy....but SO fantastic and amazing.  I have so much more to say but am going on about 16 hours of sleep since Monday. Pure excitement and adrenaline.  I could prop my eyes open with toothpicks but am opting for bed.  Tomorrow = sleeping in and an overnight friend's trip to Carmel. Fun!

I've decided to put my adoption blog url here. If you want to come and follow along, I would love it!  I am almost caught up with this week's excitement and have another post in the works. I want to remember all of this and there is so much already.  If you look, please don't share any of our names/agencies on this IF blog by name or refer to this blog. Thanks!  You can visit us here Adoption Blog =0)

Happy weekend to all of you! Much love!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow... sounds like so much is happening for you :)) Looking forward to reading your adoption blog... love to you always xoxo