Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And so it begins

I hate, hate, hate needles.  Even ridiculously small needles with tiny amounts of meds.  I began my Lu.pron injections tonight.  It's been so long since my last injections I knew I was going to have a hard time.  23 minutes later or so it was done...along with half a box of tissue.  I am the world's biggest wimp. Truly.  And I made my hubby late for his hockey game...ooops. I should be loving this one because I will have a cow once the PIO begins. 

I have a necklace that says "I can do hard things" and I am trying to remember this right now.  I bought it from The r house couture but can't seem to find a picture anymore. I wear it everyday and love it.

Today was a double baby shower at work for the two teachers. One due next month and the other (my team member) due in September. They had a different activity...writing messages on baby diapers...kinda cute.


  1. Good luck with you injections... I hate them too :( Wish there was an easier way. Lovely to be sharing this difficult journey with you... thinking of you during your cycle :)) Love always xoxo

  2. Good luck with the injections! I am, fortunately, not afraid of needles/shots - but I sure did get tired of them! The PIO is definitely not a fun one! Does your husband give it to you? I was a medic in the Navy and know a couple tricks - let me know when it gets close to time to start them and I will pass them on!

  3. Hi... I've just awarded you a Versatile and/or Stylish Blogger Award :) Follow the link below and take your pick of which award you'd like and spread the love to other blogs you love :) It means so much to me to be sharing this roller-coaster ride of loss/TTC with you all. Love for ICLWeek :)) xoxo

  4. Hoping and praying this FET brings you your heart's desire.

    ICLW #6

  5. Oh, I am not a fan of the needles either. And I can take them but refuse to be habituated to them.

    Good Luck with the FET!

    ICLW #44

  6. Good luck with your FET! We're in the middle of one too. Injections are never fun :(

    Wishing you the best!

  7. Hello from ICLW. Good luck with your injections. Hope the FET is successful.