Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little update...'s a go!!! I can't believe it! So as of now we are planning for our FET on June 20th.  I am super excited and hopeful.  This could be it!! Missed the nurse again (who leaves at 3:45 everyday) so I will try calling Friday since she has an injection class she is teaching tomorrow.  Began BCPs this evening.

Looking at my calendar, I will only have to miss part of three days of school.  Unfortunately, the 3rd lab and US is on the LAST day of school.  I feel like I can't miss that.....but obviously will.  I think I can make it back in time. That would be sad to miss them on the last day of school.

Crazy how things can work out....I'm gonna cross my fingers and keep counting my lucky stars!!


  1. YAY! What great news, I am super excited for you and am so glad that it worked out for you to proceed now instead of at the end of the summer!

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  3. Awesome news! How very exciting! Teacher timing is tricky but it souns like it may work out great. Hope this is the lucky one:)