Monday, May 16, 2011

It's been a little rough around here...

.....I'm just gonna get point in doing it any other way.  :0/

I don't know if I have mentioned the hardest pregnancy for me so far? My BIL and his wife.  Last year at their wedding I found out our latest and greatest IUI failed with the arrival of AF days before my scheduled beta.  What a miserable weekend for me...Valentine's Day.  Trying to be positive around family who apparently already knew what was going on (even though I didn't want them to).  Then a few short weeks later comes their announcement...they're gonna be parents.  WTF? They conceived sometime during the week of their wedding....I don't really care if it was before or not.  So my most bitter feelings came out with their greatest joy.  Bitter because in the face of all my sadness that weekend they had something work out.  Needless to say their daughter was born in December, my in-laws first grandbaby.  Did I mention they had been dating for just over a year before getting engaged? yeah...bitter.  And my dear BIL drives me bonkers.....thank god they live in Colorado because I wouldn't be able to deal.  At least I have a very valid excuse to not see them.

So here comes some grand news Thursday evening.....BIL texted my hubby to tell him...wait............wait..........oh! they are expecting their second!  OMG!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! you just had a baby in December....really?!  And then I get even meaner.....were they trying to conceive around the same time as their first? I mean how cute.  I can't wait to find out the due date so I can count weeks. (Why would I do this to myself?? I don't know....I must be a glutton for punishment.) ugh. so frustrating.  So now I get to see more ultrasound pictures added to the granddaughter shrine at the in-laws.  I know I have said before they are perfectly must be that jealous twinge wishing I could give them a super joy like they did.  Finally asked my hubby to email his mom to take me off the family announcement emails.  I just can't handle it right now.

moving on.........

My best gals take me out on Friday.  It was fun...went to a new restaurant in town.  Do you remember the friend I have talked about before who I/we have been having major issues with over our crumbling friendships?  I truly feel that we have been slowly but surely making some progress to becoming more like normal.  It is so awkward at school, but I can tell my friend has been trying and so have I.  I have even been eating in the staff room for the past few weeks and I haven't been the whole year.

We get home from dinner to find a USPS sticky on our door. The company didn't change the delivery date in the computer from Friday to Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They will try delivering again on Monday. Ugh....I have refrigerated meds in there people that I need to start next week!  I called the med company and we haven't heard back.  Guess it's not an emergency according to them.  So I will be calling them tomorrow as soon as I am done at the clinic.

Now, for the record since rejoining the cursed FB a few weeks ago, I really haven't done much posting.  On Saturday we were celebrating my friend's birthday (which my bday friend did not want her to come to...bars and walking..nothing she wants to do right now) and we all get this message during lunch:

Subject: just being real
So clearly, pregnant me is not the person you ladies want to hang out with, I get it. You do realize we are friends on FB so your statuses and posts to each other are always in my news feed? I'm not saying don't post. I'm not saying you should even have to invite me. But what I am trying to say is that it hurts and one day when you are pregnant, I hope your friends won't do this to you. And when that time comes, and you feel awful, and tired, and emotional, and a million other things, you'll realize why I'm not quite the same person I was before. And you'll realize how much more you need your friends. It' just too bad I pretty much lost the 3 people I thought were my best friends.
I'm not expecting my sharing this to change things, but I had to get it off my chest. It is what it is. Life changes, people change, and you have to move on. 

 So as far as I am concerned she was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG in sending this! Especially since I feel like I didn't do any of that AND how insensitive of her!  She blames me for not having this friendship with the other two because of my reaction to her pregnancy.  That isn't going to help.  I haven't responded. If I hadn't been out I would have burst into tears.  Talking about it tonight over dinner with my hubby brought me to tears more than once.  What a snot bitch!

I don't even know what to say.  I'm sorry you're pregnant and hormonal? I am too but it's for a different reason.  deep sigh. help!

At breakfast this morning I heard the pregnant ladies response to her friend's question of "don't you just love being pregnant?"...."no!" she says.  Poop on you lady. 

Tomorrow morning is my first of three LW and u/s for our upcoming transfer.  I must say I am excited and nervous.  If I can survive the next few weeks I will be so thankful.

Let's end on a happier note...look what amazing hubby did for my classroom.
  We are learning about tropical rainforests.

I only wish I could be there in the morning to see their faces! :0(

Concrete tube forms - $18
Green butcher paper - $8
A dozen recycled paper bags - free
3 1/2 hours husband labor - free
Seeing the look on 21 kindergarten faces Monday morning- priceless! :o)

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  1. Happy ICLW!
    So sorry the in laws are being such.. tools. You have every right to be upset and ask to be taken off the family update list. I worry that my hubs cousin and his wife will be announcing another pregnancy even though their son was born in January. I've had to try my hardest to limit family functions. Social dieting is what I call it.
    You're.. 'friend' sounds like a bitch. Fb can be so horrible at times.
    Got my fingers crossed for you. I hope things get tons better!