Friday, December 23, 2011

Some Very Good News....

and how fitting this is my 100th post...kinda crazy!

  So Hubby and I went to our happy place this guessed it...Dis.neyland!! Happiest Place on Earth and so chock full of awesome Christmas decorations I may have actually been in Christmas cheer mode for two days!! We had great time and it was a great break from everything we need to do back home (even though I am anxious for that..more in a sec..) Hubby and I talked about how we can't wait to take our little one there. I teared up about that at the park as well. Holy moly....emotion city.  Ahh but happy tears.

Sleeping Beauty's castle...I cry beautiful and magical!!

In the clam shell on Ariel's ride. <3

While driving down to Anaheim ...Hubby driving, me playing on my dang phone (cough..FB) and checked my email. I was elated to see an email from our placing agency telling us they had just reviewed our homestudy and other than a few minor changes, it looks good. Whee!!! So our homestudy is sent back to our homestudy agency (who are on vacay til the 3rd! --like me..can't complain too much.....) and they will take care of those few things.  Yay!

Next step is finishing the application...working on the essay tonight.  I had wanted to get that done before, didn't happen with the end of school, so I let it go. Had my doctor's appointment today and more lab work and prefiling with USCIS (paper is almost complete..will be done tonight and we will send it off on Monday). Hubby's dr is also on vacation til the 29th so we can send his document in later. Our placing agency will get everything ready for review, review it and then send us our contract. Once the contract is returned we are all set and will just be waiting for our referral! I am so, so excited and I cannot wait for the day our dreams come true!!

In the meantime, even though I am down in the dumps about Christmas this year and am very much missing my Christmas spirit, I wish you and yours a very Merry one. Or as one of my students wished me "a Very, Merry, Happy Holiday"


  1. I returned the favor and teared up at your post! Yay for the home study and yay for Disneyland.

    Good things are around the corner Kelli and they couldn't happen to a nicer person.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Kelli - I am so happy for you that things are moving along so well! Can not wait for you to have your baby in your arms!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Glad you got to go to your "happy place" and the adoption process is moving along quite nicely! Thanks for keeping us updated. Have a merry holiday too!

  4. What great news! So happy for you both!


  5. Your trip sounds SO awesome! I've never been to Disneyland at Christmas time. What a great idea.

    I am thoroughly excited about your adoption! Good for you for taking this huge step toward becoming parents!