Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Have the Best...

Social Worker ever!!! Mrs. S has completed the draft of our homestudy since our last meeting a week ago! I am truly amazed and touched she was able to (and willing) to work so hard on our homestudy over the long holiday weekend. What an amazing woman!! She sent us the draft to check for errors (which I got teary through a part or two) and we have already sent it back to her. We are one step closer to our referral!! I couldn't be happier at the moment!

Thanks to Amy for the Liebster Award. I promise to do my part soon. oxo

This morning I had a note wedged in my classroom door. I have to tell you, my heart initially dropped because I assumed it was from a student's family who has been having trouble. But...it wasn't! *phew* It was a letter from an old Kindergarten student of mine who had moved away when she was in second grade ( I also had her younger sister!) I felt very touched that this now fifth grader had popped by to drop me a note. I will definitely be sending her mail since she left her mailing address. What a sweet way to start my morning.

Hope your week is off to a roaring start. I am already counting down the days til winter break.



  1. Congrats on being one step closer to completing the homestudy!! I'm glad you got to hear from a former student also.

  2. One step closer! I'm counting the days until the holiday too...but I hope they don't pass too fast. I've got so much to do! :)

    What is your next step?

  3. I'm so glad to hear that the adoption process is going so smoothly right now! Hopefully it continues and you soon have a trip planned to meet your little one!

  4. Yes! One step closer! I'm so happy for you. It's great that you have such good support from the agency. As Chickenpig asked, what's the next step?

  5. Great news about your home study... FXd for you every step of the way xoxo

  6. Very awesome. What a relief to have the the home study part behind you! I too live in the Bay Area and have been thinking more about adoption. Your progress is very encouraging.