Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crazy Busy...

...best words to describe my life since Friday.  Oh my~~ there is so much going on!!!!!!  I think I will list them as I am leaving for an early 5th anniversary trip tomorrow morning and really should be in bed....

  • Friday--Did errands with my hubby for his business.  We went to the State Building in Oakland...interesting. 
  • Turned in our first round of adoption paperwork and payment at our homestudy agency. (family brief, family descriptions by hubby and me, adoption agreement and $2500)  
  • Talked with the paperwork dude....now thinking of another placement agency....more on that later.  He did tell us we wouldn't be traveling to pick up our child until 2013.  This stinks but it gives me some peace at the same time.
  • As we pulled in to home, my IVF nurse called. She was on vacation during my beta and just saw the news. I was so glad she called, it was nice to talk to her.  AND.....we set up (tentatively) our next FET!!!  Transfer would be on the 25th of August. EEEEEKKK! I am waiting to hear back from my principal because this would be my first official paid day back at school. (First day is the 29th)  Just waiting to hear the okay from her....please cross your fingers she says yes!!!
  • Friday night was spent looking and comparing the two placement agencies. Sent in a request for pre-application.  Also got an email to tell us we have our social worker!
  • Saturday...relax...I think I stayed in my pajamas all morning.  Finally made it to the garden store and re-did my patio garden.  I love it....makes me feel really good and happy.  I need to buy a few more plants and then I will be done...more or less.  I'll have to post a picture.
  • Went panning for gold.....well actually we went on a mine tour in Sutter Creek. Super neat and great timing since they are going to reopen the mines for mining so the tours are ending at the end of the month. AND I got a mystery scoop of sand with an assortment of little and not so little stones.  It was fun and just what my inner child needed.  Spent the day with friends on a mini adventure.  Ate lunch in the little town nearby and window shopped.  I bought a snail for my garden.
  • Today was Monday....got a call from the other placement agency.  Talked to a really nice woman..she answered all my questions.  Figured out how to get a copy of my naturalization paper..or a letter saying I have one.  Received a call from our social worker, let's call her Mrs. S.  Talked to her and set up our first meeting for the 20th.  I was so happy to talk with her...she seems nice! I hope so!!  I am so thrilled to be starting all of this.
  • Tomorrow...err...today is Tuesday.  Leaving for an early anniversary trip to Disn.eyland and San Diego. My last hurrah with hubby before the crazy Halloween season begins.
So, I have been busy.  I am excited about everything coming up and am so thankful to share it with you. =0) Leaving you with two pics....one of one of my darling buns and the other my early anniversary gift from the best hubby ever (and yes, he painted it!)

Frank the Tank decided it was just more convenient to eat this way. Isn't he a stud?!

The painting I have wanted from Up..that you cannot purchase.  So next best thing....paint one! I love it and was so super excited about it and surprised..Hubby has never painted as long as I have know him (he did in HS).  So fantastic!!


  1. You ARE super busy! I hope your principal says yes for you. Good luck! The painting is fantastic! And Frank must have talked to my housebun, Dennis, since we have to keep the haybox on lockdown or else Dennis decides it's his own personal smorgasbord. Happy anniversary!

  2. Wow! You have been busy - but that is probably a good thing to help get through all of this! Love the painting - very talented hubby you have there! (my stick people don't even look right!) Praying your principal says yes! Hope you have a fantastic early anniversary trip!

  3. Wow you've been busy! I hope everything works out with scheduling the FET! The painting is goregous!! Happy Anniversary!