Thursday, July 7, 2011


I do believe I am doing better.  :0)   Yesterday was the first day I didn't cry (although I did tear up telling hubby this little fact as we went to bed).  This morning I slept in again (I think my cat just knows sometimes) and watched Maid in Manhattan (cute!). Yesterday we decided to tackle more of the adoption papers.  I was pretty busy last week and then I guess I needed to not look at it for a few days and just rest my poor mind.  Hubby and I spent Tuesday night in argument/discussion (fun but in the end was just what we needed) and then worked on adoption paperwork again last night.  I set up our WTF appointment for the 22nd and we will talk more details then.  I want to discuss things like embryo quality, possible surrogacy (???) & how that works, and see if he has any idea what happened, although I doubt it.  In the meantime hubby and I decided that whenever I am ready we can go for our last FET.  If it works (:0D!) we will put our adoption paperwork on hold and resume it again when it's time, because we definitely can't go through this nightmare again...financially or emotionally.

I am hoping to drop off our first round of paperwork and payment at the adoption agency tomorrow.  This will allow us to begin our homestudy!! exciting. 

Oh and I have ukulele class tonight which I "forgot" because I didn't realize it was Thursday.   We got a new song last week.."Can you feel the love tonight".....guess I should go practice!  Boy, I love summer vacation!!


  1. Glad you are feeling a little better!

  2. hoping for you, that everyday gets a little better than the last.
    i will be following your journey