Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here we go...

Today began day 1 of Endom.etrin and PIO (in sesame oil)....crossing my fingers for no allergic reactions this time.  Funny enough when it came time for my injection I actually forgot it was going to be PIO since Lupr.on just ended last night (goodbye small needle, I will miss you!). Can you believe it??  AND...I did not ice my ass this time!! Thought I would be really, really brave since we start with a small dose first.  Not too bad, but I must say...I do not like feeling the needle going in and out.....just the sensation more than anything. *shivers*   Kinda sore over we go.  I still have a few bumps from last time.

I talked with my Grandma today for awhile about IF.  It still stings when she tells me if it doesn't work out "that it was just meant to be this way" but I just feel like I can't argue with her.  I think this has been her way of dealing with things for years.  She also mentioned (again) how she had no problem getting pregnant (yeah...5 babies!) sigh.  I loved sharing with her today but it makes me realize there is a lot she will never understand.  And in some way, I think I am okay with that.   It is not my mission to make her understand it all, in fact, I will just simply share with her  Because it's always nice to talk with Grandma and she gives really good hugs.

Off to bed. Twinnie and I saw The Help you sis..thanks for going to a late night movie.  =0)
Tomorrow my little Edna is being evaluated for Assisted Animal Therapy so she can volunteer with her brother Ernie.  I am actually a little nervous she won't pass since she has never been to formal dog training but she is a well behaved little lady.  She is such a good please wish us luck. 

   Just got back from the evaluation. Edna passed everything with flying colors however, the evaluator thought she wasn't enjoying it enough to do it as a "job" so for now she didn't pass...she marked needed work.  I completely understand but am a little bummed because I think she would be great.   But everyone else there loved her! She is a little sweetie.


  1. Kelli - sounds like you are tolerating the shots better this time around. The IM shots scare me too! That's great you have a grandmother who is still available to give you hugs! Yeah, it's hard for that generation to understand. They had their babies so early back then. I hope Edna passes her eval :)

  2. Hope you don't have any allergic reactions this time! I'm sending tons of prayers your way that this cycle is successful!!!

  3. Now following and can't wait to read more.

    Ooooohhhh...the thoughts of those shots again! What a journey. It makes me realize how tough and brave we are. GOOD LUCK and lots of successful prayers coming your way.

  4. Good luck with the PIO, I hope you don't have any reactions this time around! The big day is getting SO CLOSE! Paying that this is the one!!

  5. I'm hating the PIO shots big time. They hurt...a lot, so I can completely understand where you're coming from.

    I'm so excited for you right now!! The countdown has begun!

  6. Turtle Mama--we shall see what happens tonight. Woke up quite sore...but then I like sleeping on my side. I am very thankful to have my Grandma still. She is an amazing, sweet woman and the only grandparent I have left with us.

    Thanks ladies, your kinds words and support mean a lot to me!! =0)

  7. Praying Praying Praying! I hear those shots are the worst:( You're getting closer and closer!!!!