Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hysteroscopy in just about 12 hours....

I'm a wee bit nervous. Decided it would be best to let hubby go into work early and not take me to the hospital so he can come home early!! My bestie from high school is going to go with me in the morning. yay!

This is silly but true. I'm more grossed out that I do believe AF will be in full force (or close to it!) by 11:30 tomorrow morning. I know it's nothing the doc hasn't seen but ew, gross. I can see his gloves now, blech. Not a pretty picture. I wonder if they usually schedule these things around AF?? I was plopped in.  Hubby says I worry about it too much...I say I'm just thinking about it. ew. ew.  Hope it goes just fine.

Today was a busy, productive day. Dropped off my nieces at school, picked up my classroom key and then volunteered to call the families of incoming Kindergartners since I had nothing better to do today than lab work.  We have screening coming up in about 2.5 weeks and lots of families hadn't signed up since they registered after the school year ended.  It took me almost 3.5 hours to get through the list, but I was able to make lots of appointments and left lots of messages.  It felt great to help out our poor secretary, she's amazing and is super busy!

Off to bed now...nighty night!


  1. My doctor did mine post AF, but I have heard other doctors prefer to do it when your on it, :) I hope it goes well for you!!

  2. Good luck with the hysteroscopy! I know the weirdness of AF being around at these inopportune times, but yup....doc's seen it all, I bet.

    Good for you volunteering like that! Not many people would do so...I bet the secretary was blessing you for all of those 3 1/2 hours. lol :-)

  3. Good luck on your hysteroscopy! (wouldn't that be strange on a greeting card ;) My Gyn always did mine during my period. It's weird for us, but really it's just another bodily fluid for them. I hope your uterus is perfectly clear!

  4. Good luck! My doctor also did mine during my period, so maybe that's when they like to do it...strange.

  5. Good luck! I hope all goes well. I hate for the dr to do anything down there while I am on my period - just eww, but I am sure they have seen worse.

  6. Good luck lady! I hope everything goes well for you!