Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, Monday....now Tuesday, Tuesday!

Eeek...hard to believe the first has already come and gone!

Hubby's interview went just as well as mine.  Here was the kicker.....as I was leaving to get my tires rotated, Mrs. S asked if I had a few minutes. Okay....basically to make a long story short we are most likely going to have to slow down our adoption process considerably. ~blah~  Because "they usually like people to wait 6 months after a loss of any kind to proceed with a homestudy"....which I totally get, but of course this is not what we wanted to hear.  Here are the plus sides: 1. She is going to propose to our homestudy agency we only need to wait three months instead of six (because we have given adoption a lot of thought and time). 2. In all reality, fall is a crazy, busy time for both Hubby and I, it might actually be better (although I will still need time to convince myself of this because I know I am perfectly capable of getting all our papers completed and together).  I am worried it could push our adoption back further if our FET doesn't work, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.  Putting all of my eggs back in one basket....which I will admit we probably should have done to begin with, but that's okay too.  I won't regret our decision regardless of what happens.

So.....here's to focusing ALL of my positive energy back on our upcoming FET.  As of this very moment I still feel good about it.  Not too worked up just yet, I hope it stays this way!  I have labs and a urine test tomorrow for my hysteroscopy on Wednesday. Please cross your fingers they don't find anything! Or in some weird way, maybe it would be great if they did find something to explain my unexplained IF!! hmmm, wouldn't that be something!

I went in and helped Hubby down at one of his stores.  Oh my....so many boxes, peg hooks and costumes and this was just the leftovers from last year.  It felt really good to help him out, especially since I won't be able to much once I'm back at school.

Have a great Tuesday! =0)


  1. Good luck on Wednesday! And I'm sorry there is a delay in the adoption process, but maybe it's good to be putting all your time and energy and good thoughts into the FET, you know? I soooooo hope it works for you!!!
    PS What are you and your hubby going to be for Halloween? I'm sure you're going to have the best costumes ever... :)

  2. Excited for you to get your FET underway Kelli!!! I sure hope this is THE one for you!!! Remember, every cycle is different....no reason to think this one won't be the one!

  3. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for your upcoming FET!! I hope everything goes smoothly.