Saturday, August 13, 2011

Here's my news...

I made a (most likely) final Disneyl.and trip this week before school begins. This time I went with some of my best gals.  We stayed with my bother in-laws brother (sounds odd right, but we are close friends!) and we all went to DL on Wednesday. Super fun time...and great weather and company!  We returned last night and I did nothing all day. I cleaned a little in the evening and that was all.  Wow..lazy, but it was actually nice.  This weekend and next week will be busy so it was probably the perfect time to be such a bum.

I saw a different acupuncturist on Monday. He was sooooo great!!! He took time to look in my file and ask me questions and I was able to ask him questions as well.  He did a deep pressure massage on my abdomen and it was the oddest (and neatest) feeling to feel the pulse in my belly. I will definitely be scheduling my future appointments with him whenever possible. 

Getting more and more excited about our FET.  I still feel calm and I really do hope this feeling stays.  I am hoping the stress of school beginning and the FET don't turn me a stress ball but we shall see.  I worked hard in my classroom on Monday so I could go down south and my Dad's wife and friend came in to help. Got everything on Monday's to-do list completed except for copying things since the copy room was alarmed. It was amazing. Work in progress still, I'll post some pics when it's ready! I rearranged some things and I am excited about the changes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! =0)


  1. Glad to hear you are doing well! Fingers are crossed for your FET!!

  2. Well, that all sounds like exciting stuff to me:) I can't wait to see pics of your classroom. Can you believe summer is already over??!! Crazy!

  3. Hehe...Cori I just changed the header....I was thinking about FET stuff initially, but you're right it was an exciting week! Summer always go by too fast, but I'm looking forward to a new year.