Monday, August 1, 2011

A nice weekend

Thankful to be off jury duty, Hubby and I slept in...really late after staying up til 2am.  So nice to just cuddle in bed since he's been leaving so early each day.  We were off to San Francisco for the afternoon.  Had lunch at what my friend likes to call Crabby Joe's...yummy...! And walked down to Ghiradelli Square...didn't have ice cream (too full) but window shopped with the street vendors and cute stores.  Picked up my twinnie from her work and drove back home. I was looking forward to this fancy roach coach food event, the second one they have had here in town. Had a yumm-o bowl with tofu, rice and salad.  Shared food back at my house with Hubby, twinnie and her girls.  Fun day! Oh and I got to give my gift to Hubby...I bought him a set of Mah Jongg since he had commented awhile back how it would be fun to learn to play. We don't know how (yet) and we're looking forward to figuring it out. =0)

Today, I looked over and made some lists as suggested by Mrs. S of the remaining papers we need to round up and organize for our adoption.  We have a big ole binder but it was helpful to make another list from it and I love making lists!!! Tomorrow is Hubby's home study interview. I will be getting my tires rotated while he does his. I also have my pre-op consult for Wednesday at 11 but luckily it's over the phone.

I also went to the Lakesh.ore store/outlet and bought some things for my classroom and received my free teacher plan book. Like lists, I love writing in everything in my plan book...dates, lines, calendar.  I began another list of all the things I want to do in my classroom before school begins.  There is always so much and I want to be as stress free as possible towards transfer time. So I figure, the sooner....the better. I will probably go in on Tuesday and see what shape my room is after the summer cleaning.  I am excited about the school year beginning and am hopeful this will be a great year. 


  1. That sure does sound like a fantastic weekend! I, too, am debating going to Lakeshore in hope to find some fun stiff that will get me excited about heading back:) I want to see pictures of your room when it's all ready:)

  2. Ok.... Typossss!!! Sorry in hopes to find some fun*** stuff**

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

    Your days are just PACKED! I would like to see room pictures too :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope your classroom isn't in too bad of shape!