Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hubby's job

Hubby's stores opened up on Friday.  My Hubby and his dad run consignment stores for Spi.rit Hall.oween every year.  They have been doing them for a long time now. Let's see, the first store was opened when we were just dating. So it's been awhile!! Probably 8 or 9 years. So beginning in July, Hubby and Pop start setting up the stores. During the months prior to, they are looking for locations here and there and filing papers.  Then the stores are set up, merchandise arrive and the stores are all set to go.  He has worked everyday non-stop since July 19th or whenever it was he came back from the yearly consignment meeting in New Jersey. He did have 3 days off, one for our anniversary, one for our transfer and then a random Sunday last week.  Hubby works the stores (he runs 2 of the 4 this year) and works really hard.  Since the store he is in the most this year is down in Seaside (1.5 hours from our house) he has quite a long day. So Halloween comes, they have a half off day after sale, then it's time to pack up and take down the stores, file more papers and some other random jobs and that's pretty much it.  So they are usually done with everything (minus peg hook sorting!) by mid to end of November. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Hubby's job but as of the last few years I have learned to love it more.  For a long time it was because I felt like it wasn't really a career. He graduated from college with a degree in Justice Studies...original goal...police work.  I was embarrassed when people would ask me what he did.  Basically, because people would want to know what he did in his off season time. For a few years, he would just get a job, like as a tech support guy. But the last few years, he hasn't needed too.  Although I still felt at times, he should have. I mean the extra money wouldn't have hurt anything and hell, it may have even helped pay for some of the IF stuff.  And to be honest when I have worked my ass off all day and I come home and he's playing video games I can be a little steamed.  Not to say Hubby doesn't do anything around here, because believe me he does a lot!! I always says it's his saving grace, if he didn't do anything this wouldn't work out.  He does laundry and cleaning and pet care and shopping and everything (not really bathrooms though..hmm). Hubby is much cleaner than I am and because of him our house stays clean.

I love his job because I see a lot of him.  I mean from mid November on he's home pretty much all the time. We run errands together and have a lot of down time with each other compared to other working couples. And best of all, Hubby is always willing to come in and help in my classroom.  And when I mean help, I mean most of the time, we drive together and leave together. Which means I basically have an aide in my room.  He runs copies for me (and my grade level team!!), hangs things up, cleans my back office (told you he was cleaner than me!) and is GREAT with the kids. And they love him. I can hear them outside telling their friends he's here if they see him through the window before school starts.  I like to think that for some of my kids, he is a great male role model. He can be playful and funny with them, but he isn't afraid to correct or discipline either.  Having an extra set of eyes is great!

And I think the biggest plus for his career is that we have an ideal childcare situation.  If only would could get the child factor into the equation! But we are working on that and I know we will get there eventually.  It's great...who else would I trust with my kids more than me?! And since my father in law is retiring from the stores this year, he will watch the little ones while the stores are open. Our situation couldn't be more perfect.

Hoping this Halloween proves to be another successful year.  If you happen to know anyone who lives near Gilroy, Salinas, Seaside or Capitola please send them to Spi.rit Hallo.ween to help support my family.  We would greatly appreciate it.  I always tell people, if they want to go experience a clean store go to a consignment owned one.  There isn't going to be a bunch of merchandise spewed all over the floor like the corporate ones. There is quite a difference I tell you! Thanks for reading. =0)


  1. I wish I lived on the West coast, I would definitely go to one of your hubby's stores! I love consignment shops, especially when they are neat and well organized. And your husband sounds like he is definitely neat and well organized :)

    I bet he has fun at his job, which is more than a lot of people can say. And having free time to enjoy life and your family is wonderful!

  2. He loves what he does...forgot to mention that! So I can't complain....he comes home tired but happy! :o)

  3. Hey Kelli.... I have decided not to POAS til after my due date for AF. I know I could I do it. But honestly I'm scared to see another BFN. so I'm just going to wait and see if she shows her nasty face!!

    Ahhhhhh this wait is driving me crazy!! Urs is Tuesday? GOOOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!! lots of baby baby dust ur way!!!! Hopefully we get our BFP's!! :)