Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just a few more days....

Labor Day weekend....three days to relax normally.  I am relaxing but my brain in making it tricky too.  Good thing I have a friend on the way and have kept sort of busy today. I did sleep in a bit and was generally very lazy this morning. 

My classroom is all ready for Tuesday.  My plan is to get up early and get to the lab so I can be one of the lucky people to get in relatively quick for my beta.  Then head back over to school.  In the meantime, my Dad's wife (retired K and first teacher) will go to my room and get everything ready for the kids outside.  Hopefully, I will be there before 8 when the school day begins.  My "stepmom" (funny, I really only refer her to that at school with the kids) is all set up to be a sub in our district so it works out.  Ahhh. 

Just got off the phone with Wal.greens to order 5 more pills of Estra.diol and 14 more Predni.sone.  I don't want to have to pay for more than I would need to and figure I will happily go refill whatever prescriptions I need when I hear some great news!! Of course I usually am complaining about all the leftover meds, but since we are testing later I am running out Monday night or morning.

Last night I had some really gnarly AF cramps around 2am.  And my PIO injections have been pretty rough the last two nights. I think my poor butt is just bruised all over inside....can't really do too much about it.  But I am so grateful that most have them have been so much better.  That 1.5" needle sucks being in there for 3 minutes, but it doesn't feel like it's ripping into my muscle.

Tomorrow some of my besties are coming over and we are going to BBQ and play games like Hand and Foot.  Such a fun card game!  I really want to learn to play Mah Jong which was my anniversary gift to Hubby.  Maybe we will try it out. Who knows what else we will do but we always have a good time.  My sister and her family might join us but I'm not sure yet if they are coming.

My teammate/friend (on the mend perhaps??) was induced last night.  Guess the baby was measuring really small and they wanted to induce her Wednesday.  So wishing her luck.  I actually talked with her the other day and told her how I had thought of her over the summer. She actually said she thought of calling me to have lunch.  I don't know, still awkward, but getting better.  Her life is going to be so different now.  But I still hope we can solve this stupid fight.  I told her I didn't hate her for being pregnant. It's not her fault I can't get pregnant.  Wishing her all the best.

Have a great weekend...hope you all get a three day one!


  1. Yay hand and foot-- we LOVE that game:) I hope the next couple of days pass quickly!!!

  2. Isn't it a great game?! My bff and her hubby introduced us to it a few years ago. I hope they pass quickly too....getting anxious!