Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An afternoon date

Today I had a date with my best girls.  After school we went and had a beer, ate chips and salsa and had manicures or pedicures.  I had a beer last very late last night (12:30..oops!) to celebrate with my husband's hockey team--hooray for championships and winning!  I must say it tasted very good.  I remember when I couldn't stand the taste... 

I also remembering holding back and not enjoying a drink because I "could be" pregnant.  Unless I have just spent a good chunk of money on my upcoming IVF, I will not hold back.  If it just so happens one of these days that I become pregnant the all natural way then I will simply join the ranks of lots of people who enjoy a drink or two before they knew they were expecting.  I am responsible, but right now I am trying to be realistic and enjoy what I can.

So for now, I will savor the taste of beer because I someday soon will no longer be able to have some.  There's some positive thinking for you! :0) Next week, I am off to Coachella, a three day concert festival.  I am guessing there will be some drinks while there.  Hooray for spring's almost here!

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