Saturday, April 30, 2011


I went to my cousin's baby's first birthday party today. To sum up all my feelings it was a little hard for me.  My niece's birthday is also coming up next month.  In the selfish way, I can't help but think about when they both told me they were expecting and how hard that was then. And now they have adorable one year olds.  At my Aunt's house today there were multiple comments made about how fun it is to see three little girls running around and how happy my grandparents would have been.  I agree, but it makes me sad too.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Tomorrow I am playing my ukulele with my ukulele pals in a festival. Should be fun!


  1. I know how hard it is. I just went to Easter at the in-laws and of course there was an Easter egg hunt. My MIL kept asking why SHE does not have a grandchild out there on the hunt. UGGGG! I hope your family is more supportive than my mother in law is.

  2. Yeah, those moments are not fun at all. I hope you had fun at the ukuleke festival though!
    Btw, I gave you an award! Check out for more details.

  3. @Heather..sorry to hear about your MIL...mine is supportive just doesn't quite get the fact I don't care to be forwarded everyone's baby pics!!
    @lostintranslation..the festival was super fun. I wasn't nervous at all! Thanks so much for the award!!

  4. OMG the baby pics and the sono pics are soo annoying!! And on facebook it is new pics after ne pics UGGGG. Yes, I would be excited if I had some to share. But, for family members to pass them on that is just mean. I mean, really??? You know how hard it is for those of us who are struggling with this every day. WHY do you insist on sharing these pics? Is it passive-aggressive behavior? I do not get it.