Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Planning Day

I have been working really hard the last few weeks on report cards and conferences.  This week I am meeting with the last of my families but am almost through.  I have had much to focus my energy on the last few weeks.  Today my grade level team had a planning day.  One of my team members is pregnant (and do I dare mention they weren't even "trying:...apparently she was on birth control!) and we spent most of the day together.  I am glad we won't be having another one of these because I barely made it through the day.  Sitting in a small room with a pregnant woman is no bueno.

Despite the fact that I may have lost one of my "best" friends over my "reaction" to her pregnancy, I don't feel I have done anything too cruel...honesty is the best policy.  Right?  Maybe not.  I thought telling her several weeks ago that I am truly happy for her and her boyfriend but showing it in the "right" way is hard for me right now would help.  (I take it back, very hard.)  I think our conversation has only made things more awkward.  Please understand why I can't ask how you are feeling out of the blue but I am trying my best to show my interest in your baby.

So after several hours of baby comments here and there (which I know she has every right to say and do) I barely made it through lunch.  Started crying and quickly wiped away my tears before she could see.  This sucks.

Saw my good friend tonight who works with an old co-worker of mine.  I guess she asked about me today and was wondering if I was pregnant yet.  (When I worked with her, we were just getting to the point where we were beginning to wonder if there was something going on...)  I wish I had some grand exciting news to share.  Why does it seem like everyone else does?

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