Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

My Spring break is here and I am excited.  Off to Coachella in just a few days and celebrating my husband's birthday today and tomorrow.  Today was spent sleeping in (yes!), cleaning house and miscellaneous work stuff.  I'm currently still in my pajamas and about to shower and run some errands before the family birthday dinner.

Putting away some papers and looked at my calendar for our next IVF.  Crazy it will be here before I know it.  I'm anxious to start my next cycle and go on BCP so I can have a better idea of when all the craziness begins.  My cycles were always loooong and since our first IVF they have been seriously screwed up.  I had one in December and didn't have one til the middle of February.  So even though I was supposed to start BCP in May, I will be starting on my next cycle to help regulate.  I'm relieved to know I will have less blood draws and ultrasounds since I will still be in school.  As it is, I will still have to take some days off or at least a half day since my clinic is about 40 minutes away from school.  That stinks in itself to have to use my time but I know it will be all worth it if this works.

I'm starting to stress about the money factor again.  Deposit has been made but we will still need to pay for all of it soon and my husband's car's transmission went yucky last week. Boo on the great timing. to my hot shower. Time to celebrate a birthday!

Happy Weekend!

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