Thursday, April 28, 2011

The bad news...

So I got my BW results.  No good.  We will not make it in time for our FET scheduled for June. I'm not surprised but according to my numbers, I am a few weeks (just as I thought) away from starting. Ugh.  I just arrived home a bit ago from dinner with my lovely mother-in-law.  I haven't had a good cry yet, just a few moments with my MIL but that was it.  Since I already "knew" the answer...I have had some time for it to settle in already. Still frustrates the hell out of me. Seriously....body just do your damn job!

It still makes me mad at myself. I really think in the back of my head I knew this could happen.  That my long ass cycles would happen again....I did not think about it being so late it would mean rescheduling our FET.  Lesson learned.  So today I hear that if you do a FET, you can be on BCP's for longer.  So I am starting them whenever I start AF so it doesn't screw this up again.  Why did I not go on them in March?!?....this wouldn't be happening right now...

Did I mention the next IVF cycle won't be until the July/August rounds due to lab closures? Which probably means August and back to the stress time.  Maybe they will be flexible for me like last time so I can do it before school really gets started.

I'm feeling unsure of what to do.  We had stopped any further adoption papers since our transfer was coming up so soon. Now I feel like it's far away again and I am feeling the time slip by.  My husband has already left to play his hockey game.  No conversations tonight. So it's just me and my zoo crew in the meantime. 

Time for a hot, hot shower and then I am planning on starting and finishing a blanket for my friend's daughter (hah, we'll see, I should go to bed now...nah..too early!).  Her adoption was finalized last week and I didn't make time to do it before then.  It should keep me busy for about two hours or so...

On a side left eye has been twitching...underneath in my "bag" on and off this week....I was once told it was stress.  hmmmmm...must be true.  


  1. I am so sorry your FET is going to be pushed back so far. Sending lots and lots of hugs. xx

  2. So sorry to read this! Thinking of you!

  3. I'm so sorry. It has to be frustrating. I hope it can be worked out to have it before school.

  4. Thanks ladies! too!