Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday night

Hooray for the weekend! I hope yours is off to a great start! ;0)

Tonight I am niece-sitting my two adorable nieces (3 and 10 months) while my sis and hubby go on a date to dinner and Water for Elephants.  I was able to visit with my little niece briefly before my sister put her to bed.  I hung out with my older niece the rest of the night.  She is suuuuper whiny right now and I was thinking it would be a long night.  Nope, she was great....we attempted a new play dough recipe which totally didn't work (oops) but we had fun with the goop.  This kills me because I love making homemade play dough and am always bummed when I don't have my recipes at my twin's house (didn't look too hard through her recipe box for the card I made). Oh well, we had fun smearing pink goop on each other anyways..hehe.  Then we colored on coffee filters before bed.  I love spending time with her.  She is amazing and I love listening to her talk and make awesome connections all the time. 

I love having no pressure to do school stuff right now as it's Friday. woohoo.  Looking at all these amazing blogs is way more stupendous (word of the day in my classroom!)

On a side note I am hungry (again!!). I think feeling sick earlier this week and not eating is catching up to me (or that is my excuse).  I'm trying to think of everything I have wolfed down today and am horrified. I'll make a list.  Here is what I have eaten today:
  • I don't usually eat breakfast but had some of my coffee in the car and then left my cup (damn it!) in the car.
  • ate a handful of pretzels at recess and a beautifully decorated hard boiled egg from a student in another class
  • lunch consisted of turkey sandwich, an apple and a few pieces of broccoli and jicima
  • granola bar after school
  • seared ahi salad and two drinks at happy hour
  • mixed veggies and a half bowl of soup about 2 hours later
  • the rest of my niece's chicken noodle soup
  • OH MY! This is a lot for me and each time I have been starving...kinda like now.  wth? popcorn.......yummmm-o. Hope they save some for me. It's true, I am a popcornaholic.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you had a good start of the weekend. Greetings from sunny France...