Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here I was on my way to my friend's "congratulations you're going to have a baby boy lunch!"  Walked past the landscaping van and then completely forgot it was there a minute and a half later.  Shitty end result:

Really??? Yes, really.  I can't believe my own stupidity.  In my only defense that the van was parked in a red zone....but it was still my fault.  Ugh. I have cried over this too many times today. I'm so pissed at myself...never been in an accident (nor have I gotten a ticket) and I am quite anal about my car's exterior (although you would never know by looking inside..).  I bought this Prius used in August after my husband and I frantically tried cutting back on everything to save money to pay for our IVF. I had a brand spanking new VW Tiguan before.  Bought it because I was done carting my niece and all her stuff around in my VW Golf and we thought it would be perfect since we were going to start TTC.  Little did we know....

I completely ruined my whole day and I just now finished packing a bit ago (because I am the queen of procrastination, accident aside).  Off to Coachella in just about 6 hours. Time to try to sleep. 

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  1. Ugh, that sucks. Hope your vacation goes well!