Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Musings

I am awaiting a text from a friend this afternoon.  I mentioned her in an earlier post....and I am hoping things are on their way to getting back to normal or at least more comfortable..I miss her as one of my "best" friends and am upset this has caused such an upset.  She will be sending a mass text to let everyone know what the sex of her baby is after their appointment.  I must say, at the moment, I am excited to find out. =0) But, I also know I will probably shed a few tears later on as well.

I find it funny she and her boyfriend got pregnant on birth control and ironic that I have never in my whole life been on BCPs except when TTC!!!!!  Go figure!!  In the beginning I would hear people tell me, oh well you know it takes your body awhile to go back to normal after being on BC.  I always said I was never on them.  People always have advice, how kind of them.

My sister (who is also my dear twinnie) only had one month of disappointment when trying for her second before getting pregnant after coming off her BC.   I think I should go on BCPs and then come off of them for awhile...maybe we just did it wrong to begin with.

One more side note...yesterday my sis and I had a Pampered Chef party. Fun! I found out one of the guests works at a fertility clinic as a phlebotomist.  I listened when she told me of all the patients who want to show her their bruised stomachs and then stopped listening when she said something about "going on a trip" and "to just relax". Deep sigh.

So just waiting. Maybe I will go get busy and make some blankets and that baby cover for the car seat for my sister.  It seems the last of my sewing projects have all been baby things because I can't seem to dedicate the time for quilting.   I love making baby gifts and hope I can make some for my own kids someday.  Or maybe I won't have time for that hobby because I'll be too wrapped up in motherhood.  And I think (right now) I would be okay with that.

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