Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 more days of school....

....and then I might just be able to get my butt back on here.  I miss looking at all your stories and updates.

I am thrilled that June is finally here.  It seems like we have been preparing for this FET forever!!!  We just had our baseline US yesterday and everything was good to go.  I am hoping my lining is nice and thick on the 10th.  I am missing a chunk of the last day of kindergarten this year to make this appointment (obviously wouldn't miss it!!) but it still makes me a bit sad.  I hope it's good news...I can't wait for it any longer, I will be bummed if we have to cancel.

Estrogen priming began today and I also added antibiotics yesterday for a gnarly sinus infection I've been cooking for a few weeks.  I am seriously taking so many pills right now....I already screwed up on my antibiotics...fantastic!  Added a sticky note to my FET calendar.  Hope that helps.

Went away this weekend to Disneyl.and.  Hubby and I took my older niece (3.5) who also has an annual pass.  What a blast...and just what I needed.  This school year has been busy and the last few weeks have gotten progressively crazier!

New ukulele song...sits completely untouched.  Boy, I cannot wait for summer!!  Our weather here is so bizarre....rain is June right? Heaters should not be on in houses in June.  =0)

Off to bed...long day tomorrow. Night!


  1. So glad things are progressing for you! We aren't out of school until the 16th! Seems like everyone is getting out soon or is out already - I can't wait!!

  2. It will be here soon!! I can't wait either!! =0)

  3. Yay!! I have a bit longer than you but cannot wait until vacation. It is so needed at this point!