Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My crazy idea becomes an idea..

welp....finally got a hold of a nurse in the office today. Apparently my IVF nurse is out today (and I think yesterday). My trip to Japan and Korea is a no go due to timing....what a shocker.  Found out the date of our beta #1....should be the 29th. Which is exciting...as it dawned on me the other day it would be earlier than the 4th with a FET.  Which means our second one would be on the 5th due to holiday.  Which means we can't travel because hubby needs to be back so he can fly to New Jersey on the 18th.  I refuse to spend thousands to fly over there to be there for just over a week.  Another time maybe.

It's all about the timing and what makes me a smidgen upset that it is again all for a maybe.  If our FET works (crossing fingers) I will be so happy. If it doesn't..well I am sure I will be a little upset. Well, maybe more than a little.....  So time for another idea.  Our 5 year anniversary is at the end of the month and hubby will be getting super busy by then.  Did I ever mention he works a seasonal job....owning and operating Halloween stores? I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I am happy to find out some dates.  And I have three days of school left and actually am feeling less overwhelmed than normal at the moment.  I have had lots of help from hubby and my step mom helped today.  That was super.  Off to do so more work.  I have report cards to finish!


  1. Well I am really hoping that your FET is a complete success and that your trip can happen at another time:) I know the feeling of those last few days of school... Excited but also overwhelming with all of the last minute to dos and feeling sad to see those little kiddies move on to the next grade. Hope all goes great and you will be enjoying your summer in no time!!!

  2. Just wanted to pass on some hopeful news I read...One fellow blogger commented that her RE at Stanford has noticed that Asian women tend to do better with FET. She thought it may be because they have a more severe reaction to the stim meds which may affect implantation with a fresh transfer. Good luck!

  3. Sooz....that is some hopeful news!! =0) I hope so too!