Sunday, June 5, 2011

A very crazy idea...

I got a crazy idea earlier this week.

I have been talking about going back to Korea for quite sometime now. I always said not to find my birthparents..but that could possibly change!  With the help of our friendly Korean alterations friends they have helped us with some websites to help locate our birth parents or at least mom.  So I am looking into that, which is thrilling on its own.

But back at their shop on Monday I got the crazy idea to go to Korea this summer!! ( a few weeks....crazy I say!) And since I am over there, I also want to go visit Japan. My Dad's family is from there and I have an old friend who lives there. She is coming here for the first time on the 21st since coming as a foreign exchange student about 20 years ago, which is how we family.

So I have been up for a few hours and am researching trip stuff.  It's expensive but as I told hubby..we will never have this money as an extra, so why not go now? Along with everything else, I put things off for whatever reason (money, time, starting a family soon {hah}) and I think I am done with that. Life isn't worth living if you don't try these things.  I also thought it could help if we do have to travel to Korea for an adoption. And it will help me explore my Korean heritage which I sadly have little connection with.  I have a fear of flying (worse than my fear of needles) and I have already questioned what will I do if I do become pregnant and I can't have any major drugs to conk me out on the plane??

Is this too crazy??..should I wait til next summer (we would have time to plan and save)? would it be too risky to travel so far if our FET does work? what if it doesn't? will I just regret going? what if we do and then something goes wrong with our possible pregnancy? I'm torn and still thinking about this crazy idea. 

I'm excited and hubby is game for it too. ahhh...decisions, decisions...

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  1. Sounds like a great idea... and such a wonderful time to reconnect :) xoxo