Friday, June 3, 2011


so that friend I mentioned before is causing me stress. Stress because I still feel for some reason like I need to fix things....but the friendships she shared with my two other friends has apparently ended.  They both "hate" her.  I don't think I hate her but it feels like one of those awkward you're in the middle.  Why am I dealing with middle school drama in my early thirties?!

Hubby came up with a plan....and I think I like it! Our FET is scheduled for the 20th...which means our TWW would end around the 4th of July (why always around holidays???!).  The idea is we wait on any of the adoption stuff until then.  If it doesn't work we will start and I know it might be good for me....give me something to focus my energy and emotions on. In the meantime, I can certainly start some of the paperwork....but just not pay for it.  As always...trying to be hopeful and realistic.  This truly is our back up plan but it feels good to have one.  Our lab is closed for the summer and I have yet to ask about going to a different one.  We shall see what I accomplish next week.

5 more days of being a field trip, one field day and one the last day (and our last US before FET).  I have a TON of stuff to do and am hoping to get a chunk done over the weekend.

Good antibiotics seem to be helping a bit.  I'm still coughing but I think I sound better. I have not screwed up on my meds since Tuesday and I hope it continues. I am paranoid I will screw up on my IF meds and then will forever blame that mishap for the failure of our FET (if it does). I guess what I should be saying is...I'm doing so good on my meds it's going to work this time!!

Happy, happy weekend!!


  1. Sending you lots of love for your FET :) Thinking of you always xoxo

  2. Hey Cycle buddy! Just wanted to drop in and say hello....I too hate that my beta is the day before the 4th. My 4th will either be GREAT or really really bad! The good news is that at least I'll find out on a Sunday so I won't be at work! Praying and crossing all fingers and toes for you!!!

  3. Krista..agreed....I need to find out when they will do our beta....hoping for Sunday as well!