Friday, June 24, 2011

The last few days...

Thank you for all your nice and encouraging comments the last few days.  I have spent the last few days with our dear friend Noriko who is visiting from Japan. We figured out she was here in I was 12!! Yikes...time flies and it was sooo great to see and visit with her again in person. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent local and just visiting with family. (Acupuncture on Wednesday too) Yesterday we went to Pier 39 and had to say goodbye last night as she has to work the rest of her stay here.   So fun....!

My twinnie, Noriko and me!

Here is what has completely sucked this week:
(Allergic) reaction....again [this is my left hip...forgot to turn the pic...]
 Did I mention I hate PIO injections?? So not that anyone wants to see my butt... but I know you all can understand this nonsense.  I couldn't remember last time if there were red spots during injections..I don't think so. I did however, have an allergic reaction to the cottonseed oil a month after PIO injections last time and got a really yucky rash. This time they switched me to olive oil.  Redness started late last week.  Started getting really, really sore over the weekend.   Some on my right side mostly on my left.  What's up with the left side hurting so much more for injections??!? I've been told and read that some of you have the same problem! hmm.

Anyways, while we were at lunch on Wednesday I decided to stop by the doctor's office since it was practically next door just to see.  I was thinking maybe I was overreacting because I don't have a high tolerance to pain. But as I was (and still am) tired of sleeping on my belly, I thought I would just see what they thought.  My IVF nurse wasn't there, but the nurse (Pat~super nice) who helped with my FET on Monday was.  She took a look and thought I was having some kind of reaction and she would see if my dr. was still there. I got called back in since she said "my butt was causing quite the stir" and not only was my dr. there but another nurse (who I love!). To make a long story short my PIO injections have been switched to sesame seed oil since they think I am having a reaction to the olive oil.  They also drew me some new spots on my hips so I wouldn't have to add to the damage at the old sites.  I was so very thankful for that. Also I was so very thankful that Pat gave me a brand new box of sesame PIO. She said she felt sorry for me since we have already paid for the others (My dr. was going to have me go pick some up at the pharmacy).  I've done two of the new PIO...using the bigger needles (I had a few 1" ones left from last time) and so far so good.  The sesame oil is much thicker than the olive oil but if my body decides it likes it better, I'm game. of my new spots...Pat drew a face. "Speak nor poke no evil!"

After this, we went to Ta.rget where I did much sitting in the summer table section.  I also went out to the car while they shopped some more. Noriko loved the fact we sell flavored coffee...I guess they only sell plain in Japan. So they wandered for a long while.  I am having some trouble walking...too sore. It got worse the rest of the night and I am hopeful it goes away soon. I seem to be okay in the morning and feel crippled by late evening/night. Heating pads are my best friends right now. The redness seems to not be as puffy and I am hopeful the oil starts soaking in or whatnot..I know it takes awhile. So today I have done lots of resting and watched One Fine Day.  Love that movie!

I have another acupuncture appointment Saturday.  I think Moxa might be a new favorite thing. =0)

Off to read and comment on your blogs. Hugs!!


  1. Ouch! PIO is no fun anyway but then to add the allergic reaction too...ugh!

  2. Owwww!!!! My goodness Girly;( I just hope it is all worth it for you very soon! Sending my love and prayers!!!

  3. Oh Kelli! Your poor poor butt!!! I HATE the PIOs too! My left side was on fire for we had to do the right side for a few days in a row. We did the left side again yesterday and again...I was in so much pain I could barely walk! What's up with you and I and the dang PIO's on the left side?! I hope the new ones work better for you and no more allergic reaction!! I also find that I like alternating between heat and ice...the heat is soothing while the ice kinda numbs it up for awhile so that I can be out of pain for a short time. Also, once the reaction goes away...try massage. My husband either massages the area or I use our hand held one from Wal-mart (it's been a life saver!) Hang in there cycle buddy!

  4. Here from cyclesista. . .

    Ugh, PIO is so tough! I've been on the daily injections for a little over two weeks, and despite using every "trick" I found online--massaging after the shot, applying moist heat, walking around--I still have get lumps after some of the injections. (Seeing your allergic reaction makes these seem mild, though.)

    Here's hoping the sesame oil (that's the one I use) is better for you.

  5. I knew you all would understand. Wouldn't it be something to post that up on FB?! haha

    I did ice it the other day and boy it felt good and hurt like hell after the numbness went away. Now that it's healing I might try it again!!

    Thanks girls!

  6. I had an allergic reaction when we did injections, but it was serious enough that we had to stop in the middle of our cycle :(

    I hope your war wounds heal soon and you find out they were all worth it!!