Sunday, June 26, 2011


My poor butt is beginning to heal.... Thank GOD!  The big bumps have begun to go down and it's just looking like one massive blob with a bruise-y hue. I am still sore but sooo much less than earlier this week.  New injections are going okay. I have a bruise and moved spots to my new circle on my left side so I wouldn't have to poke it.  Last night's injection didn't hurt so bad, but then I worried because I thought it couldn't have been right since it didn't hurt. I guess I can't be satisfied either way!!

I am starting to feel emotional about the outcome of all this. I had very weird dreams this morning.  One involved a woman shooting pencil lead through a mechanical pencil at me....all because she couldn't afford bcps.  So I gave her mine.  Then I dreamed I was standing in front of a big building and a parent from this year's class asked if I was pregnant. I said, yes (?!?!?!) and she said she was too!

So of course I have to wonder about those dreams.  I often don't even remember dreams...but obviously, I have baby on the mind.  I have been feeling on and off crampy the last day or so and I'm not sure I like that. But we shall see.  Hubby and I agreed we won't do any POAS since I have 4 more days til beta and it's just going to make me a nutcase.  Had a mini meltdown tonight after PIO....because it sucks and if this doesn't work all of this was for nothing.

So we went to see Super 8...I was a little nervous because I thought it would be too suspenseful for me (I don't particularly like scary movies) but it was the perfect distraction and I liked it! Just the right amount of suspense for me. 

Tomorrow we are hosting Father's Day for my Dad since last weekend we couldn't spend it with my sister and her fam.  So, I'm off to look for some yummy recipes.  Hope you all have a great Sunday!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope you get good news in 4 days. :)

  2. I broke down and POAS before my beta - I decided that I didn't want bad news on the phone and would rather be prepared - you are stronger than me!! I hope you get good news in just a few days!!!!

  3. Fingers crossed for you!! -ICLW #60

  4. Everything is crossed for you my dear! XOXO

  5. Thanks ladies! I want to POAS but I don't think I could handle it. But I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be prepared!! :0/